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Happiness Engineering is a conscious, step by step process of weaving joy into every area of your life. It is commitment to leaning towards joy, balance and letting go of what infringes upon your happiness, to develop a sense of inner peace and contentment. Whether you want to improve your wellbeing, relationship, job, parenting, finances, spirituality, social life, success, and anything else, it comes down to how you feel inside. To attract what it is that you truly desire, first, you must discover and become who you truly are; free, strong and happy.

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Wherever you are in your life, if you find yourself constantly searching for happiness or feel a sense of lack, this is for you. Whether you are a mum struggling to find peace within your family home, a friend wanting to communicate better, an employee desiring to feel happier at work or a successful businessperson searching for more balance in your life, happiness engineering workshops can help.

Each employee is an individual. Happy employees are more productive, better team workers, more confident and more assertive. Learning to unlock the potential and passion in your employees is vital for a happy and successful organisation

It is important that youngsters learn who they are from an early age and develop greater confidence to stand strong in themselves. When they discover and appreciate their own individuality and unique abilities, they are happier in the present moment, more driven, more able to maintain good relationships and they are more likely to invite success into their life.

Happiness is subjective so each person will work with their unique needs and desires to achieve the best outcome for themselves. It teaches you how to discover what you need to be happy.
Happiness Engineering works by helping you get to know yourself, consciously let go of the things which no longer serve you, tap into the power of your subconscious mind, heal from the past, set powerful goals, enjoy the moment, reach a sense of inner peace and attract success into your life in a way that is in alignment with who you are.

“When we change, the world changes. The key to all change is in our inner transformation- a change of our hearts and minds. This is human revolution. We all have the power to change. When we realize this truth, we can bring forth that power anywhere, anytime, and in any situation.”
— Daisaku Ikeda

  • Who you are and the best version of yourself
  • What your passion is
  • How to set powerful goals and visions
  • The impact relationships have on your happiness and how to choose the right ones
  • How to achieve and maintain balance in yourself
  • How to attract what you want
  • How to let go of things which bring you unhappiness
  • How to overcome fear
  • How to speak to yourself and others
  • The power of the Now
  • How to nurture yourself
  • How to maintain a smile even during tough circumstances
  • How to view and overcome challenges to return to inner peace

After the workshop, you will:

  • Know yourself
  • Feel a sense of peace, increased drive and motivation
  • Know how to set powerful goals
  • Know exactly what you need to be happy
  • Surround yourself with empowering people
  • Let go of the past, embrace the now
  • Discover your unlimited resources.
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Forthcoming workshops will be announced soon. Click the button below to be notified when the next dates are released.

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