What is Life & Goal Mapping

Are you interested to discover more about what Life and Goal Mapping are?

Goal Mapping is a simple system for achieving sustainable success. It is a fun yet powerful way to help you or members of your family to make their dreams become a reality.

Goal Mapping is a unique whole-brain system designed to connect your consciously chosen goals to your subconscious mind, so that your subconscious begins to automatically move you and your goal towards each other.

Your subconscious mind works like a helpful autopilot – once a conscious decision or goal has been set, a subconscious process is triggered that begins to influence the transformation of the decision first into an attitude, then into action, and ultimately through to an achievement.

The Goal Mapping system enhances this natural mental process by using a balance of keywords to activate your left-brain, and symbols or pictures to activate your right-brain.

Sustainable success in any form or in any area of life is never an accident!

Successful results are achieved as a result of skills and actions empowered by successful beliefs and attitudes.
Goal Mapping works to develop the empowering mindsets, winning attitudes and effective habits that create success in an individual, a team or even an entire community.

Since 1995, Goal Mapping has touched the lives of more than 4 million people in over 30 countries. It is used by everyone from world-leading  businesses, coaches and schools, to wellbeing practitioners, weight-loss experts, world-champion athletes and countless individuals.
So, whatever form of success you, your team and your organisation seek, let Goal Mapping help it become a reality.

“If we all did the things that we are capable of doing we would literally
astound ourselves.” Thomas Edison

Throughout history the most successful men and women have been those who developed their natural ability to set and achieve goals into a powerful skill for success.

Brian Mayne’s Goal Mapping is a unique whole-brain approach to setting goals that powerfully helps people achieve their targets and desires.

Goal setting is a natural function of the brain.
Every decision is in effect a goal, which triggers a subconscious process that transforms the decision into an action and onto a result.
Becoming a master of goal setting is the first step in mastering all other things in life.

It is the number-one prerequisite for the success of any project, target, career, team or organisation.

Combining timeless wisdom with modern scientific breakthroughs, Goal Mapping helps people gain ever-greater levels of conscious, concise clarity about their goals, motivations and actions.

Where traditional goal setting techniques focus on left-brain words and endless repetition, Goal Mapping uses words and imagery, the language of the subconscious.
By creating a Goal Map, the whole of your brain is activated and your goals are impacted on your subconscious, which works like your personal autopilot to move you towards the things you desire.

Goal Mapping is an authentic system for success and is becoming the first choice for achievement in business, education and life.

Every area of any organisation or group, needs to be goal-orientated for success and Goal Mapping is the most powerful way for you and your people to turn your business goals, aims and targets into realities.

Unlock the potential of your people.

In these fast-moving times, the most successful organisations will be those that are purpose-driven and principle-led – and which, through genuine care, develop their people into authentic leaders.

The qualities of an authentic leader are the qualities of success. They are the qualities that produce successful teams, successful departments, successful cultures and successful organisations.

From the outset, it has been Brian’s particular passion to empower students with the life skill of Goal Mapping.

Over 1 million students from primary through to university  in 12 countries have created Goal Maps to help them gain greater grades, improve their lives and aim for a brighter future.

Many young people find that Goal Mapping gives them a tool to make their dreams a reality. For others it’s a tool that inspires them to consider what their hopes and dreams actually are. In all instances, students gain a skill that’s different to anything taught within the National Curriculum.

At the same time, Goal Mapping complements and supports a student’s academic endeavours as it is designed to unlock a child’s potential and help them achieve their best results.

It can help you:

• Boost your health and wellbeing
• Plan for financial freedom
• Excel within education
• Find and live your life purpose
• Propel your career onward and upward

If you have goals you want to achieve, changes you want to make or plans you want to set in motion, there is no better time to start than right now.

Life Mapping is a unique personal empowerment system to help you be your very best in yourself as a person so that you do your best in all your various activities and have your best results.

Life Mapping is simple yet extremely powerful. For over 20 years it has been helping people to bring out their inner brilliance and develop their winning ways of being in business, education, sports, wellbeing or areas of their personal lives.

The Life Mapping technique guides you in creating a map of you being your best mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, socially and spiritually.

By using words and pictures, your Life Map helps activate both sides of your brain. This powerfully commands your subconscious autopilot to increase your self-confidence, raise your self-esteem and boost your self-belief.

Your Life Map will help you to think your best thoughts which will trigger the chemical release that gives you your best feelings and influence you into taking your best actions so that you live your best life.

  • Diploma in Clinical & Cognitive Hypnotherapy
  • Goal Mapping Practitioner
  • Life Mapping Coach
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Happiness Engineering Coach
  • Body Language Trainer
  • Public Speaker
  • International Bestselling Author
  • Reiki Master Practitioner – coming soon
  • 22 years experience working in mental health
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