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Hi and welcome to my website 🙂

I am Flavia Powell, a mum, a partner and in some people’s eyes a bubbly fire ball :-). 

I love life and I am totally addicted to love, flowers, laughter …oh…and chocolate. 

Discover a little about me below and what motivates me to help others:

So who am I? I’ve always been this bubbly but at times, the bubbliness was hidden under lots of issues.

If you can think of anything self-destructive anybody could ever do, I’ve probably done it. A lot to be said for life experience when it comes to helping others!

I am a Certified Hypnotherapist, Coach, NLP Practitioner, Goal Mapping Practitioner, Life Mapping Facilitator, Body Language Trainer, Public Speaker and Author.

22 years experience in working with mental health together with my own life experiences have given me the most powerful tools to help others, and your life experiences can be empowering to others too.

I live in Norwich UK with my family where I see many of my clients through direct therapy work.

I am also the founder of Happiness Engineering, a brand teaching individuals how to weave happiness into every area of their life.

If you are keen to better your life as I was and learn how to engineer your own happiness, I want you to know that you need to start with looking inwards. You and only you can change your life. Nobody else can do that for you and happiness will not come to you by waiting. You need to take the necessary steps and action to change your life.

Happiness is often misunderstood for a destination and for a place that we one day hopefully reach and once we reach it, life becomes paradise. That could not be further from the truth. Happiness is a state of being. It is a state of inner peace and contentment. It is a choice we make to lean towards joy, let go of the things which bring us unhappiness and live every day doing things that we love. Happiness takes constant work. It requires balance and self care . Most importantly, happiness is an investment of your time and flexibility in your approach. It is choosing the positive over the negative and committing to a state of inner peace.

Happiness is certainly not a state of constant euphoria or deliriousness. It is a state of inner calm and heightened awareness which allows you to choose your responses, reactions and behaviours. It is a state of inner contentment so that you can enjoy this life journey, celebrate your successes and learn from the things which don’t go so well so that you can do better next time. There are no failures. There is only feedback and learning. 

The best thing about happiness is that it is mostly in your control so you can achieve it as long as you truly want to, commit to it and take full responsibility for your creations, for the things you can change as well as learn to let go of the things you cannot change.

Here is a little about my background:

From a very early age, I knew I could put somebody in a good mood very quickly, no matter how upset they were and yet, I had no idea how or what I did. Of course, I was equally able to annoy the living daylights out of somebody 🙂. I always found myself drawn towards the people who were struggling and wanting to help them. When it came to relationships, again, I was drawn towards men with insecurity issues, anxiety and depression. 

I always managed to help but never managed to feel happier in my heart. In time, my need to help others became very apparent as it took the emphasis away from the way I felt about myself. I felt ugly, useless and worthless. The more I helped others, the less time I had to think about myself but when nobody needed help, I felt lost.

Having been at the receiving end of various types of abuse throughout my childhood and teenage years, I had a lot of anger, sadness, hurt, fear and guilt inside me. Having dealt with anorexia, bulimia and self-harm with the help of various therapists, the only way I could keep my emotions under control was by focusing on others so I took a job in Health and Social Care. At the time, it was ideal. I could look after people and earn a living at the same time. I loved every minute and for the first time in years, I was buzzing. Mental health was by far my favourite. I understood people’s difficulties and knew what to say and how to behave in order to help. I soon became frustrated though. Being a support worker, you could only help so far before you had to hand it over to the nurses and doctors. I knew I could do so much more. I could see the positive change in people when I spoke to them.

At the same time, my personal life seemed to go from bad to worse. Bad relationships, bad decisions, yo-yo dieting, too much alcohol and smoking were taking me further and further down the road of self -destruction. I wasn’t sure where I belonged or what my purpose in life was. To me, it felt as though I was stumbling through life. I was looking for inner security, purpose, love and happiness. I wanted to be able to accept and love myself. I was struggling with stress, anxiety, panic attacks and depression and yet, whenever I was at work helping others, I felt strong. The strong image I was portraying was totally the opposite to the way I felt inside.

I joined the gym and became totally addicted to exercise. I managed to give up smoking and drinking. My diet also improved dramatically with my personal trainer’s help who was and continues to be a true inspiration. I had never met anybody with such an intense positive energy and inner strength. I found myself wanting to live a healthy life and he very quickly helped me become strong, fit and healthy praising my achievements every step of the way. By this point, if my emotions got the better of me, a hard gym session would relax me completely. My body looked fit and yet I still felt fat, ugly, worthless and useless so I trained even harder in the hope that I would start to feel happier. I was exhausted and yet again, my personal trainer helped me find the right balance between training, rest and a good diet. It didn’t take long before I was back to full strength.

By this point I had an amazing husband, gorgeous children, a beautiful home, great friends, a job I liked and every reason to be happy but the darkness inside was always present. One morning, I came across a good friend who recommended me a hypnotherapist. Needless to say, not knowing enough about it, I was apprehensive but I had nothing to lose. I just wanted to feel happy in myself and enjoy life. After my treatment, which was unbelievably relaxing, I went from weak to strong, from strong to stronger, from stronger to confident, from confident to unbreakable and from unbreakable to happy. I was finally able to let go of the dark, abusive past and enjoy life. I became calm and relaxed, my exercise routine was great, my weight was stable, my diet was healthy and my life became easy and exciting.

Still, working in mental health, I was becoming more and more certain that I could do so much more to help. As I was becoming calmer and more confident, the feelings of being worthless stopped and the determination to do more grew stronger. I had never realised that the past abuse and unresolved past issues were the ones responsible for my erratic emotions. Once the anger was removed and the feelings were dissociated from the trauma, I felt on top of the world.

I contacted the therapist who treated me and asked if he offered any training. I wanted to be taught by the therapist who changed my life and learn the powerful techniques that I very well knew worked fast as opposed to the endless therapy sessions I’d had in the past. I embarked on a Clinical Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching course and found myself completely engulfed in it. I was learning at a rapid pace and I was beginning to finally find my purpose. I also realised that when I was making people feel better in the past, I was in fact using powerful NLP techniques without knowing it. It all made complete sense. I wanted to help others overcome their issues and difficulties and now I had the necessary powerful tools in order to be able to do it.

I could help with weight issues, stress and anxiety, IBS, pain control, lack of confidence and self-esteem, addictions, allergies, motivation, letting go of past traumas, performance anxiety, career goals, depression, phobias, insomnia, OCD, blushing, worrying, nail biting, anger management, bed wetting in children, sexual issues, irrational fear, immune system strengthening, giving up smoking and so much more. Seeing somebody grow is the most satisfying feeling in the whole world. Giving people the necessary tools in order to empower them to make positive life lasting changes is my passion and always has been.

And here is the most important thing. I am happy because I live my passion every day and you can live yours too 🙂

  • Diploma in Clinical & Cognitive Hypnotherapy
  • Goal Mapping Practitioner
  • Life Mapping Coach
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Happiness Engineering Coach
  • Body Language Trainer
  • Public Speaker
  • International Bestselling Author
  • Reiki Master Practitioner – coming soon
  • 22 years experience working in mental health
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