Silent and listen

Did you ever think that silent and listen are spelled with exactly the same letters? Not only that but how similar in meaning and effect are they? You have to be silent to listen and you have to listen to be silent. You cannot listen if you’re talking at the same time as you’re not listening and you certainly cannot talk if you are going to be silent and listen. Have I jumbled up your brain yet? Let’s look at them in more detail.

Listening to yourself

The only way you can clearly listen to yourself and to your thoughts and emotions is by allowing yourself a moment of silence in which you can become aware of what goes on within you. We need silence to become aware and acknowledge our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Sometimes we become overwhelmed because even our thoughts are screaming at us and we don’t seem to be able to find clarity in anything. It’s all very easy to allow our loud thoughts and our emotions to take over. We can go for days, months and years living in auto pilot and paying no attention to ourselves. Sometimes, in a moment of silence, we hear ourselves and that inner voice but more often that not, we ignore it or don’t stop for long enough to listen to what it needs. We ignore our gut instinct because we are too busy doing things, we ignore our minds asking for space and tranquillity, we ignore our bodies asking for movement or rest, we ignore our hearts telling us we’re going the wrong way. Generally, it all stems from not allowing ourselves that moment of silence at all or not for long enough. To have a balanced live and live life from the inside out, you need silence and to listen or to listen in silence 🙂

Listening to others

So often we don’t listen to others. We listen to reply, not to understand. Somebody talks and you’re already forming your next answer, right? Or somebody is talking and you’re planning what to have for dinner. We are far more focused on saying our bit than on listening. Our minds are loud and active, constantly thinking of the next thing we need to do. It’s not easy to stop and listen . It actually takes practice and conscious focus direction to actively listen and capture what the other person is trying to tell us. We have to put ourselves and our own thoughts to one side so we can hear what the other person is saying. It has to be about the other person, not about us. Being able to silence our minds takes a lot of practice. Being silent in the right now takes practice. It’s completely the opposite to the way we live. We either think of what happened or about what will happen. We don’t have time for silence but when you finally master silencing your minds and actively listening, your knowledge will increase sky high together with your understanding of others and of the world around you. It’s quite enlightening. The next time one of your friends or family member speaks to you, empty your mind and just listen. You’ll be amazed how much you can learn about them and about yourself. You’ll have penny drop moments.

Take time to practice, sit on your hands if you need to stop talking as I had to do because I talk a lot, lock yourself in a quiet room for a few minutes to ensure you remain undisturbed, let your thoughts float away and get to know your inner self and the people you surround yourself with. Practice remaining silent and listening and you will very quickly become aware of how much you are in control of.

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