A lesson to smile from my little girl :-)

“Mummy, my friend’s baby sister might come today “said my little girl, Sofia.
“I know darling” I replied whilst blowing my nose for the twentieth time in five minutes.
“Are you not excited?” She asked with a puzzled look on her little face.
“I am” I replied, sounding as though I had put my head down the loo and decided to speak from there.
“Then why aren’t you smiling?” She asked with a very cute smile starting to develop on her face.
“Because I feel poorly” I replied, feeling groggy but a little amused.
“Why does that stop you from smiling?” She said looking even more puzzled.
“I don’t really know” I replied wondering how much more of my preaching she had taken in.
“Well smile and you’ll feel better” she said giggling and jumping around at this point. “ I have a cold and look at me…I’m smiling” she added whilst bouncing around like Tigger.
“I’m smiling . Is this better?” I replied smiling whilst still looking like I’d been dragged through a bush backwards.
“Yes…now keep that smile mummy and you’ll feel better and better” she said giving me a big hug.
“ You’re funny Sofia” I replied to the most adorable looking face ever!
“See mummy? It worked. You look better already” she blurted out extremely pleased with herself .

Here’s the thing though. It really did work!

I had been in pain with a kidney infection for two weeks and then followed it with a stinking cold so I was feeling hard done by on all levels. I was predicting vertigo next which is what my body generally loves to do after I take antibiotics. I was already fed up with what was to come before having any signs of it actually happening.

Talk about attracting my own future state!

I had forgotten to smile and there was no part of me thinking that the vertigo might not actually happen and that after my cold I’d be back on my feet.
I must have been such a fun mum to be around snotting and grumbling all over the place 🙂 .

I was amazed how quickly an eight year old little girl turned it around, made me smile and reminded me that I don’t have to be sad and fed up whilst recovering.

It made me wonder why we end up so fed up when we’re poorly and , whilst in deep thought, it occurred to me that it’s because we get so engrossed in our present state, discomfort and pain that we don’t look at the positive outcome. We don’t look at how we’ll feel once we get better so the only feeling we experience is that of our present discomfort. We don’t implement the things we know will help us recover faster because there is no healthy vision of ourselves for us to work towards.

I was doing this :
“ Oh I’m not well…I’ll have a hot coffee…that will make me feel better.”
“ I only fancy noodles today but that’s ok because I’m poorly.“
“ I’ll eat what I like whilst I’m ill…this burger isn’t going to hurt me. I can’t stomach anything else because I’m ill.”
“ I’ll eat fruit and vegetables when my throat gets better. It’s too sore now.”

Where’s the nutrition though? Where are the germ and bacteria fighting vitamins?
I was totally stuck in the illness and was feeling sorry for myself whilst comforting my body with tasty but empty stuff.

I was still trying to keep on top of everything and dragging myself around trying to complete chores and unnecessary tasks without giving myself time to rest. “ Well I’m ill but it’s got to get done and as I’ll be ill for some time, I have no choice but to get on with it.”

As soon as Sofia reminded me to smile, I also remembered what it takes to smile and to maintain that smile. Three very important things from my S.M.I.L.E. model jumped straight to my mind .

1. See the positive outcome.
2. Maintain balance and a healthy lifestyle.
3. Enjoy Tranquility.

I started implementing again what I already knew but paid no attention to whilst unwell and needless to say, the recovery was speedier and the smile remained.

I started to focus on eating nutritious foods, focusing on me looking and feeling healthy and resting to recover.

When you feel unwell, acknowledge that you are unwell but also focus on seeing what it will be like when you’re healthy and you will naturally take the necessary steps you know so well will take you there.

Give yourself the time and rest to recover. The world will carry on living. There will always be stuff to do but you can’t do it whilst unwell the same as you cannot drink from an empty cup.

Children are such great educators .
Thank you, my beautiful girl.

Keep smiling 🙂
Flavia xxx

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